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eTECH SUPPLY - AIM Solder Distributors
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ACCUPOSTURE SYSTEMS, LTD. - Bloomfield, CT - - Ergonomic workstations which enhance productivity as they reduce worker occupational injury. Faster, safer and more mobile, Accuposture’s Adjus workstations shift from a low-seated position to a standing work-height easily and quickly. The innovative design and efficiency of the Adjus System makes it the most modular assembly workstation available.
(860)761-9590, Fax: (866)372-1261, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ....

ARLINK WORLDWIDE - Burlington, ON, Canada - - Arlink modular mobile workstations allow you to easily relocate entire production lines, "park" a line when not in use, move lines for cleaning floors, or vary the length of lines by coupling or uncoupling. Retrofit kits are available to easily convert existing Arlink Series 8000 workstations to mobile units.
(888)559-4441, (905)332-8484, (905)332-8484, Fax: (905)332-8277, E-mail: Request a quote

BUSINESS to BUSINESS XCHANGE - Franklin, TN - - We just acquired the assets of a major contract manufacturer. They recently spent 1.6 Million dollars but $125,000 (plus shipping) gets it all. 300 burn-in stations, shop floor assembly stations, initial and final test stations, parts stations with mobil carts, keyboard trays, tool holders, much more!
(888)512-4247, (615)468-3375 Ext.18, (615)261-1991, E-mail: Request a quote

CREFORM - Greer, SC - - Workstation height can easily be adjusted to eliminate unnecessary reach in order to improve efficiency. They can be stationary or made large, small, or made with ESD pipes and joints for protecting static sensitive products. And like all Creform structures, they're easy to design and build.
(800)839-8823, (864)877-7405, Fax: (864)877-3863, E-mail: Request a quote

ERGOTRON, INC. - St. Paul, MN - - Excellence in computer mounting technology . . . when the computer is part of your assembly workstation. The primary mission of Ergotron is to improve the human interface with computers by providing innovative, ergonomic, computer hardware management solutions in a production & assembly environment.
(800)888-8458, Fax:(651)681-7715, E-mail: Request a quote

eTECH SUPPLY - Concord, NC - - Distributors of Pro-Line modular workstations - The leader in modular ergonomics, with laboratory and industrial workbenches that integrate the worker, environment, and the job to be done.
(888)315-0115, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Request a quote

GWS SYSTEMS - Kennesaw, GA - - Leading global manufacturer of industrial workstation systems. . . Solutions that fit - Our Multiline system combines the benefits of workstations, manual transfer systems, flow-through shelving, and buffer storage into a multi-functioning integrated package.
(800)437-6772, Fax:(770)424-8066, E-mail: Request a quote

INTELLIGENT VISION SOLUTIONS - Sonora, CA - - High magnification, ergonomic VIDEO IMAGING INSPECTION systems for electronic assembly and quality control applications. Replacement of your current microscope workstations with stations that use a television monitor for viewing will reduce forward head tilt. Employees will no longer need to look through the microscope eye tubes.
(209)533-4783, Fax: (413)638-5799, E-mail: Request a quote

JBC TOOLS USA INC. - Saint Louis, MO - - A pioneer in manual SOLDERING, DESOLDERING and REWORK is introducing its advanced series line to the U.S. market following its popularity within the European and Asian electronics industry. This revolutionary line offers a unique heating system, ensuring excellent recovery, featuring extended tip life and higher productivity at a lower cost of ownership. Call us.
(866)429-5753, Fax: (866)429-5754, E-mail: Request a quote

KIMCO DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION - Mentor, OH - - Since 1978 Kimco Distributing Corp. has been a major supplier of products, services, and solutions to the manufacturing, testing, and repair environments. Kimco distributes throughout North America and supports the following territories: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico.
(800)521-9197, (440)255-7757, Fax: (440)255-2168, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 4/8/11/GP

PRO-LINE - Haverhill, MA - - Modular ergonomic industrial workbenches. From basic four leg stations, hand crank or electric height adjustable, technical systems, wire harness stations, clean room, LAN stations, ball transfers and packaging stations, cabinets and lab furniture. Many units “in stock”. Optional accessories make it easy to configure a workbench to meet your needs.
(800)739-9067, (978)521-2600, Fax: (978)374-4885, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 9/GP

PRODEL AUTOMATION, INC. - Coppell, TX - - Pallet based flexible assembly systems that may be populated with various levels of automation or robotics. Systems are standardized modules with decentralized controls, RF tagging, Ethernt, RS-232/422, and up to 400 I/O per controller. Prodel can provide a turnkey solution for your product or a standard solution for your preferred integrator.
(972)745-3350, Fax: (972)745-1944, E-mail: Request a quote

PRODUCTION BASICS - Watertown, MA - - Quick delivery on standard and custom workstations, ergonomically designed for operator comfort. From our entry-level stand-alone workstation to a fully outfitted modular configuration, the Production Basics' concept is simple: Take basic materials, combine them in a basic form and offer them at a great value.
(800)318-2770, (617)926-8100, Fax: (617)926-8010, E-mail: Request a quote

QUIK CONNECT / AMC, INC. - Rochester Hills, MI - - A workstation designed for your needs using aluminum extrusion. These strong, yet flexible systems make the most of your precious floor space as they improve productivity in every aspect of industrial production including assembly, inspection, testing, material handling, and distribution. Division of Automation & Modular Components, Inc.
(248)853-7580, Fax: (248)853-7840, E-mail: Request a quote


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