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MIRTEC - Desktop AOI - Automated Optical Inspection
Desktop AOI - Tabletop AOI - Inline AOI - Component Placement AOI - Solder Joint AOI - Pre & Post Reflow AOI - Simple Programming - Excellent Cost Performance - SPC Features Track, Eliminate Defects - OCR Part Number Verification - Enter Here or call (203)881-5559 . . .

ASC INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Maple Plain, MN - - Providing unique 3D optical / laser inspection systems for the electronics manufacturing Industry. True volumetric measurement coupled with a very easy to use interface makes the VisionMaster products the most desirable machines on the market today. Products also include Samsung's AOI.
(763)478-6200, Fax: (763)478-6206, E-mail: Request a quote

CHRISTOPHER ASSOCIATES, INC. - Santa Ana, CA - - Marantz benchtop, desktop and in-line Automated Optical Inspection systems for all your PCB Inspection, test and measurement requirements: SMT & THT components (presence, type, polarity, offset, text etc), reflow and wave solder joints (including meniscus), solder paste (2 dimensional). Featuring advanced Marantz pioneered full 24-bit color imaging defect detection technology.
(714)979-7500, Fax: (714)557-6904, E-mail: Request a quote

MACHINE VISION PRODUCTS, INC. / MVP - Carlsbad, CA - - MVPs Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions provide the highest level of defect detection for electronic and semiconductor manufacturers. Utilizing our signature flying camera, Tri-Color and 3D technologies we provide class-leading defect detection, throughput, ease-of-use, reliability and process control solutions. MVP supports equipment though support hubs in over 30 countries.
(760)438-1138, Fax: (760)438-0660, E-mail: Request a quote
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MIRTEC, CORP. - Oxford, CT - - Desktop & inline AOI machines designed to automatically inspect for manufacturing defects, Pre and Post reflow. Superior fault coverage, excellent cost performance. Detects component presence/absence, polarity, miss alignment, insufficient solder, solder bridging and much more. Extremely simple to use standard SPC software package promotes continuous process and tracking.
(203)881-5559, Fax: (203)881-3322, E-mail: Request a quote

ORBOTECH, LTD. - Billerica, MA - - In-Line AOI System for high density electronics assembly. High performance, highly accurate defect detection for even your most complex, densely populated PCBs at full production throughput. Our specialized technology assists you in meeting the increasing demand for component miniaturization.
(978)667-6037, Fax:(978)667-9969, E-mail: Request a quote

POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - PI ultra-low inertia NanoPositioning solutions will help you achieve Nanometer Precision with your AOI system. Visit our website and return later for a complete product description.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail: Request a quote

PRECISION PLACEMENT MACHINES - Newton, NH - - PPM is a full service supplier of used and reconditioned automated PCB assembly equipment, specializing in through hole insertion equipment and surface mount placement machines. Click to see our current inventory of AOI systems, pick & place, reflow ovens & waves, screen printers, board handlers, parts feeders, dispensing systems, spare parts, more!
(603)382-0555, Fax: (603)382-2555, E-mail: Request a quote

QUALECTRON SYSTEMS CORPORATION - San Jose, CA - Santa Clara, CA - - Our AOI system is loaded with advanced features. - Dual cameras detect missing, polarity, shift, wront part, solder bridge, missing solder, etc. Programming is fast and simple.
(408)432-1686, Fax: (408)432-1687, E-mail: Request a quote - Concord, NC - - Stocking dealership of pre-owned SMT & PTH assembly equipment since 1997. Flexible SMT mounters - chipshooters - parts feeders - screen printers - adhesive dispensers - PCB cleaners - reflow ovens - wave solder - PTH equipment - NEW AOI SYSTEMS - more... Providing installations, training, preventive maintenance contracts and emergency support. Recon, inc. sells and buys worldwide.
(704)795-6610, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Request a quote

SCIENSCOPE INTERNATIONAL CORP. - Chino, CA - - Quality stereo zoom microscope, video inspection systems, automated optical inspection systems, fixed magnification microscopes, compound microscopes, magnifiers, measurement software, complete video measurement systems, CCD cameras, USB digital cameras, fiber optic illuminators, florescent ring lamps, LED ring lights, boom stands, post stands, track stands, articulating arms stands, clamp stands, more!
(800)216-1800, (909)590-7273, Fax: (909)494-5513, E-mail: Request a quote

TEST RESEARCH USA, INC. / TRI - Santa Ana, CA - - Competitively priced line of ATE - In-circuit testers - Boundary scan testers - AOI - MDA - IC testers - Board testers. Providing electronic test solutions to help you deliver high quality products by testing for solder opens, solder shorts, missed components, reverse placements, polarity errors and more. All TRI products manufactured to ISO-9001 requirements.
(408)567-9898, Fax: (408)567-9288, E-mail: Request a quote

VIEW ENGINEERING, INC. - Simi Valley, CA - - Video and laser-based dimensional measurement systems for SMT manufacturing lines or labs. Measure stencils, solder paste volume, component packages, bare PCBs, and component placement with one system. Calibrate pick and place machines. Create measurement programs from CAD data in less than ten minutes. Perfect for high-mix environments. Call VIEW today.
(805)578-5000, Fax: (805)578-5249, E-mail: Request a quote

VISIONx INC. - Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada - - Developers of powerful and easy to use systems and software for automated optical inspection (AOI), machine vision, visual inspection, image analysis, automated defect detection, microscopy, and metrology. High-accuracy applications include electronics, semiconductors, MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), printed circuit boards, aeronautics, aerospace & automotive, medical device manufacturing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and more.
(514)694-9290, Fax: (514)694-9488, E-mail: Request a quote

YESTech, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - YESTech's innovative and cost effective AOI systems are available with top-down and side viewing color cameras to inspect for part presence/position, correct part, polarity, leads and solder. We also offer benchtop and combo systems with X-Ray inspection capabilities to inspect hidden solder joints on BGA devices.
(949)361-2714, Fax: (949)361-2724, E-mail: Request a quote


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