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PNC Inc. - BGA Stencils Laser-Cut SMT Stencils
SMT Solder Paste Stencils - Laser Cut Stencils - BGA Rework Stencils - BGA Reballers - Prototype SMT Stencils - SMD Component Stencils - Framed Stencils - Frameless Stencils - Squeegee Blades . . . Click Here to Enter or Call 973-284-1600 . . .

AGI CORPORATION - Huntsville, AL - - AGI Manufactures selective solder pallets. Our process knowledge delivers designs with the largest process window possible, offering process recommendations for high throughput and yields. Feeder, pallet & STENCIL STORAGE CARTS - SMT fixtures & custom tooling - skyhooks & board stiffeners for wave solder / reflow - wash baskets - press fit fixtures and more.
(256)858-3300, Fax: (256)858-3304, E-mail: Request a quote

AIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Lake Mary, FL - - Manual stencil printers designed to provide the accuracy needed for applying solder paste to PCB's for SMT production. Unique frameless stencil feature reduces cost by rigidly mounting the stencil to the printer's frame instead of mounting a stencil frame to a frame adapter. Micro adjustments provide stencil to PCB alignment.
(407)831-2550, Fax: (407)831-2560, E-mail: Request a quote

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS, INC. - Hudson, NH - - Broad assortment of framed laser cut stencils, ranging from 5"x5" to 50"x72, QTS, foil only, BGA stencils, Fuji 4000, space saver frames in 20"x20" and 29"x29". We offer green frames to further assist your RoHS assembly line. We have several different types of stainless steel to meet your assembly needs.
(603)594-2450, Fax: (603)594-4068, E-mail: Request a quote

A-TROPICAL STENCIL, INC. - Jupiter, FL - - Tropical Stencil manufatures laser cut solder paste stencils. we provide frame mounted or frameless foils, frameless sytems for your screen printer, mini stencils / BGA repair stencils. Stencil standard frame sizes 8"x10", 12"x12", 12"x17", 15"x15", 20"x20", 29"x29", and 29"x35" (other sizes available upon request). We can support your raw PCB requiremnts.
(561)745-7769, Fax: (561)746-0497, E-mail:

PNC INC. - Nutley, NJ - - SMT LASER CUT STENCILS - Patented ACCUFRAME ® - re-usable frame system saves space and brings huge cost savings - Try our standard mesh mount stencils. No charge for aperture edits, glue dot creation, or expedited shipments. Turnkey package includes PCB and Stencil. ISO9001-2000 registered & UL 170°C approved. PCBs – any layer counts.
(973)284-1600, Fax: (973)284-1925, E-mail: Request a quote

SMART SONIC STENCIL CLEANING SYSTEMS - Canoga Park, CA - - The only stencil cleaner verified by the U.S. EPA for specific environmental safety, user safety and cleaning efficiency parameters. Smart Sonic’s 440-R SMT Detergent is the best chemistry for ultrasonic, spray or manual stencil cleaning. The first, and still the best, ultrasonic stencil cleaner! StencilScan & GlueScan AOI systems too.
(818)610-7900, Fax: (818)610-7909, E-mail: Request a quote

STENCILS UNLIMITED - Lake Oswego, OR - - Stencils Unlimited offers the largest selection of SMT and BGA Rework Stencil products. We developed a unique stencil shopping cart that allows you to specify stencil parameters like frame size and stencil thickness. You can add multiple stencils to the shopping cart and checkout when ready, then check shipping status.
(503)699-6529, Fax: (503)636-4795, E-mail: Request a quote

TRANSITION AUTOMATION, INC. - North Billerica, MA - - Long life Permalex metal squeegees, highly refined to endure the rigors of SMT printing, reducing the frequency of machine downtime and maintaining high quality solder paste printing . . . TA's Board-Lok Instant fixture system for double sided SMT boards reduces cycle time delays . . . Dedicated tooling systems supporting DEK, EKRA, MPM, Fuji printers.
(978)670-5500, Fax: (978)670-2300, E-mail: Request a quote


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