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JTAG Boundary-Scan addresses the challenge of testing highly complex and dense printed circuit boards without the use of traditional in-circuit testers and bed of nail fixtures. Due to ever increasing physical space constraints and loss of physical access to fine pitch components and BGA devices, fixturing cost has increased dramatically while fixture reliability decreased at the same time. It is an integrated method for testing wire trace interconnects on printed circuit boards or sub-blocks which are implemented at the integrated circuit, IC level. Boundary scan is also widely used as a debugging method to watch integrated circuit pin states, measure voltage, or analyze sub-blocks inside an integrated circuit.

The JTAG boundary scan architecture provides a means to test interconnects (including clusters of logic, memories, etc.) without using physical test probes; this involves the addition of at least one test cell that is connected to each pin of the device and that can selectively override the functionality of that pin. Each test cell may be programmed via the JTAG scan chain to drive a signal onto a pin and thus across an individual trace on the board; the cell at the destination of the board trace can then be read, verifying that the board trace properly connects the two pins. If the trace is shorted to another signal or if the trace is open, the correct signal value does not show up at the destination pin, indicating a fault.

The Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) developed a specification for boundary scan testing that was standardized in 1990 as the IEEE Std. 1149.1. In 1994, a supplement that contains a description of the Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) was added which describes the boundary-scan logic content of IEEE Std 1149.1 compliant devices. Since then, this standard has been adopted by electronic device companies all over the world. Boundary scan is now mostly synonymous with JTAG. ~ George Pachter, TDE


Flynn Systems Corp. - JTAG Boundady-Scan Tools
Boundary Scan Test Software - IEEE 1149.1/.6 Compliant - JTAG Tools for Development & Test - BGA - ISP of Flash Memory - CPLDs - DLL & Manufacturing Licenses Available - Enter Here or Call 603-598-4444 . . .

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ACCULOGIC, INC. - Markham, Ont., Canada   SMALL SCREEN PREVIEW - - Boundary scan tools, solutions and training - Acculogic offers a wide range of proven boundary scan test and in-system programming solutions. Our products support every stage of the product life cycle, from design, through manufacturing, to field service and repair.
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CORELIS, INC. - Cerritos, CA   SMALL SCREEN PREVIEW - - Corelis, incorporated in 1991, is a world leader in the field of IEEE-1149.1 boundary-scan testing, JTAG In-System-Programming of Flash memories & CPLDs, JTAG emulation and debugging, microprocessor development tools, and test instruments.
(562)926-6727, Fax: (562)404-6196, E-mail:
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FLYNN SYSTEMS CORP. - Nashua, NH   SMALL SCREEN PREVIEW - - Flynn Systems offers onTAP boundary scan test software. IEEE 1149.1/.6 compliant onTAP provides a full suite of JTAG tools for development and test. Gain visibility into any size BGA, ISP of Flash memory & CPLDs, DLL & manufacturing licenses also available, all at affordable prices. Backed by strong tech support.
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JTAG TECHNOLOGIES - Stevensville, MD - - Unlocking the power of boundary-scan. JTAG Technologies is a world leader in providing Boundary-Scan (IEEE 1149.1) products and services for testing of printed circuit boards and systems, in-system programming (ISP) of flash memory and PLDs and production integration using DLLs, National Instruments' LabVIEW, LabWindows or TestStand.
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