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Douglas Electronics, Inc. - OEM Sheetmetal Fabrication Metal Chassis, Card Cages, Boxes & Enclosures, Front Panels, Brackets, Fasteners, Levers and Latches. High Quality, Quick Turn Manufacturing Services Directly From Your Layout File. Click Here to Enter or Call (510)483-8770 . . .

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PENN ENGINEERING - Danboro, PA - - Concerns about potential damage to PC boards due to improper secondary installation operations have prompted PennEngineering's latest innovation, ReelFast® surface mount fasteners. These SMT fasteners provide faster assembly, reduced scrap, reduced handling, and reduced risk of board damage that may occur when fasteners are improperly installed with off-line equipment.
(215)766-8853, Fax: (215)766-0143, E-mail: Request a quote 08/GP

TROPIC FASTENERS, INC. - Apopka, FL - - ISO 9001:2000 distributor of fasteners, electro-mechanical parts and components. Multiple branches with inventory in each, stocking PEM, Southco, POP, Dodge, Helicoil, Bivar, Richco, Heyco, Heat Shrink, RAF, Amatom, Keystone - kitting and vendor managed inventory programs.
(407)880-4777, Fax: (407)880-2122, E-mail: Request a quote


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