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ACROTECH SOUTHWEST, INC. - Kerville, TX - - ISO Certified world-class manufacturer of SMD REELS and custom molded components for the electronics industry. AcroTech prides itself on exceptional customer service, superb quality, custom colors, private labeling and immediate availability. There's abundant label space on both the 7" and 13" reels. Call us first!
(830)896-6464, Fax: (830)896-8245, E-mail: SBorroum@ktc.com
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CRITERIA LABS - Austin, TX - - Largest domestic tape & reel services provider with the capacity to process millions of parts per week or low volume prototype parts. From SOTs to large BGAs, tube based or tray, we are equipped with the best vision systems available to inspect your product and then tape it to your exact specifications.
(512)637-4500, Fax: (512)637-4701, E-mail: Jbaima@criterialabs.com Request a quote .....

DOMINION TAPING & REELING, INC. - Midlothian, VA - - A full service, ISO 9001:2000 Certified, tape & reel business with in-house carrier tape manufacturing capability specializing in two areas of the surface mount industry. Standard packaging of ICs, BGAs, QFPs, etc., and custom manufactured carrier tapes for metal stampings, filters, crystal oscillators, etc. Axial/Radial services are also available.
(888)225-1739, Fax: (888)225-1966, E-mail: Info@DominionTapeAndReel.com . Request a quote

ELECTRO-COMP TAPE & REEL SERVICES, INC. - Clearwater, FL - - Electronic component processing specialists, providing surface mount, axial & radial component tape and reel services, including radial lead forming. We carry in-stock over 500 different surface mount carrier pockets. Guaranteed quality, fast delivery and very competitive pricing since 1987. Our services are conducted in compliance with ISO-9001 quality standards.
(727)532-4262, Fax: (727)532-4122, E-mail: Info@Electro-Comp.com Request a quote

GIO ENTERPRISES, INC. - Oceanside, CA - - . Ismeca, a leading producer of SEMICONDUCTOR TAPE & REEL systems, offers test handlers, marking functions and lead scanning capabilities in a fully integrated line. Gio Enterprises specializes in capital equipment related to back end semicoductor production from worldwide manufacturers. We represent Ismeca in the California territorry which extends deep into Mexico.
(760)945-9034, Fax: (760)806-4654, E-mail: GioEnt@Cox.net Request a quote

HANSA TOOLING and ENGINEERING, INC. - Camarillo, CA - - TAPE & REELING MACHINES for axial and radial lead components and SMDs - New! Inexpensive hand-fed machine that lets your own non-technical employees tape & reel virtually any size, straight lead, axial components from microdiodes to large capacitors. Suitable for quick, short runs for emergency needs, to long economical production runs.
(805)383-7370, (805)383-7373, E-mail: Info@HansaTooling.com Request a quote

MID AMERICA TAPE & REEL, INC. - Glendale Heights, IL - - With over 20 years experience, Mid-America is committed to being the world's fastest, best full service taping organization for the electronics industry. Providing component tape and reel service, together with sales of anti-static SMD cover tape and other materials. 100% on-time delivery, flexibility, and quick response to customer needs.
(888)629-6646, (630)629-6646, Fax: (630)629-6649 E-mail: sales@matr.com Request a quote .....

ON-TRAK, LLC - New Berlin, NJ - - Designers and manufacturers of SMD TAPE & REEL SYSTEMS, OEM Taping modules in standard and custom configurations and an assortment of JEDEC Tray Handling modules. The tray handling modules can be purchased separately or ordered as a complete tray handling system. Cost effective solutions to both OEMs and end-users in the semiconductor and circuit board assembly market.
(262)641-8837, (262)641-8839, E-mail: Sales@OnTrakllc.com Request a quote

OX3 - Ayer, MA - - Complete tape and reel services, programming, lead conditioning and carrier tape supplier.
(800)772-1222, (978)772-1222, Fax: (978)772-1333, E-mail: Gattalla@OX3.com Request a quote ..... ...

Q CORPORATION - Derby, KS - - Manufacturers of SMD TAPE & REEL and mass leadtrimming equipment. Q Corporation is a world-class equipment supplier to the electronics industry. Our manual and automatic machines have maintained our customers' most demanding production schedules.
(800)835-1099, (316)788-3746, Fax: (316)788-7428 E-mail: Qcorp@Qcorporation.com Request a quote

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - component preparation and packaging solutions. Tape & reel packaging - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - device programming - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards.
(888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Bwattson@SemiPack.com Request a quote

SIERRA ELECTRONICS - Santa Rosa, NM - - Tape splicer and SMD TAPE SPLICING products for splicing a seamless reel of components in the assembly of PCBs. Designed for splicing SMD Carrier Tapes, including paper tapes and embossed pocket tapes. We also manufacture clean room lab coats, ESD grounding straps, clean room wipers. Request a sample.
(505)472-0058, Fax: (505)472-3265, E-mail: Office@SierraElectronica.com Request a quote

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