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HASTEST SOLUTIONS - Temperature Test Chambers Environmental Test Chambers - Temperature Test Chambers - Humidity Test Chambers - HAST/PCT - Ovens - Autoclaves - Thermal Cycling - Moisture Sensitivity - Lab Services: HAST/PCT - ESD/Latch up - Burn-in - More! . . . Click Banner to Visit Our Website, Call . . . 408-945 7861 . . .

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HASTEST SOLUTIONS, INC. - San Jose, CA - - Variety of temperature chambers available for a wide range of temperature & humidity testing. Temperature ranges between -70C to +200C and humidity ranges of 20 to 98% RH. These chambers support a wide range of reliability tests for electronics, solar, hydrogen fuel cell, optics, biotech, pharmaceutical, R&D and other applications.
(408)945 7861, Fax: (408)262-6699, E-mail: Contact@HASTest.com Request a quote

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